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The first essential phase of opening up the White Volta River villages in Northern Ghana for sustainable health and wealth…
Wilberforce one

The container housing this first boat, Wilberforce 1, along with medical supplies is already on the high seas en-route to Ghana. Phase 2 is now immediately possible, the sending of our further 2 HDPE River boats, Wilberforce 2 and Venture Smith 1, donated by Scottish Sea Farms, with engines and tools and equipment for the back up to the Hospital boat to survey the villages. We will need another container plus two more engines and the freight and transport costs to the first village by the river.

What then follows will be an ambitious programme of partnerships for the river villages to create their own sustainable development in agriculture and down river trading in the goods which follow. This Project is exemplified in the following films and includes the strong support we have now achieved which confirm this Wilberforce Project in Hull’s City of Culture Year.

Please respond to this appeal in any way you can. I am able to come to your venue and speak about the whole project in depth or answer any of your questions by email. If you would like to make a donation to this or any other project, visit this page here→

Thank You, David A. Murden, Director & Founder

Left below: one of the 2 river boats now ready to be shipped, Wilberforce 2 and Venture Smith 1. Right below: Wilberforce One

The first big White Volta river "Ambulance" boat has been financed by the Rotary International Foundation and was "launched" publicly at the Mercure Hotel in Hull, East Yorkshire at 12.00pm on January 29th 2017 before being sent by Jacob’s Well as part of their Medical equipment container to North Ghana Hospitals. Watch the launch day video below. For further information on the story visit this page here→

Whilst we are very grateful to Rotary and Jacob’s Well help with this "Wilberforce heritage" project out of Hull we are desperately needing initial funding support for all the ancillary and start up capital for the villages this project will serve to invest in these people’s futures. Have a look at the short film below for more information.If you would like to make a donation to this or any other project, visit this page here→

African Solutions & Transport Transformations

The Fact’s ‐ West African roads are inadequate for trading and transport. West African rivers are almost unused except for wooden canoes. Both conditions spoil and take lives, hamper village development, or restrict it altogether, resulting in rural migration to overpopulated cities or even a riskier journey to Europe!

The Solution: The 3 T’s Project: Trading, Training and Trees

And Albert Foundation has been demonstrating practical ideas for 23 years and is now formulating this strategy, endorsed and recognized at political and academic levels. We require funding support and sponsorships to demonstrate the whole Project in depth.


Custom built river transport designed in Hull by Sea Horse Marine is poised to pioneer the first part of the project on the White Volta River in Ghana where they already are trialing Ferries on the Volta Lake which could meet up with our river boats. Rotary Foundation, sponsored by Hull Paragon and District 1270, are funding the first one as an Ambulance boat serving at least 40 remote villages along the river in North Ghana. Further boats based on this "Optimus" design will follow as we help to support villages to solve their own problems and create "health and wealth" for their fairer futures.


And Albert Foundation and partners in USA, EVCOAfrica and World Possible, are providing education and information packed computer labs to allow villages to create their own sustainable development strategies. These provide superior education packages to even those available in the cities so no teacher or child need give up on having their dreams and choices in life. These are called the RACHEL Project: Remote Areas Community Hotspots for Education and Learning. We need computer equipment and sponsorships to support our IT team and builders creating spectacular indigenous African accommodation for the Labs.


Most of these neglected villages and environments across West Africa are the very areas and tribes the slaves came from. Going back to their origins and continued effects of slavery, both historic and present poverty, could transform the old agendas of difficulties and is a vision of involvement for the Wilberforce Legacy in Hull for 2017. The aim is to plant 10,000,000 indigenous African trees environmentally surveyed for tree nurseries based on African schools taking responsibility to partner us with this "Unfinished Business".

Trading Boats for Lakes and Rivers Fruit Trees for Future Trade Education and Information for Sustainable Development
donate to and albert foundation

And Albert has welcomed the partnership of Jacob’s Well, a local Beverley charity, which regularly ships medical supplies and IT equipment to sub-Saharan Africa and is willing to help us with raising funds for trees and the transport of the boats and computers out of Hull. And Albert already films everything it attempts as a practical audit of how funds are used. This will continue as schools and business and individual sponsorships move the projects forward from 2015 and be regularly updated in our social media.

And Albert’s historic network of personnel across 5 West African countries have proved themselves trustworthy across 20 years. Their NGO’s leading this 3 T’s programme are empowered to always be part of the Afro-Centric solution, never the problems of wasted aid or charity "competition". We treat the whole enterprise as ethical business investment for the future. In this sense it is a "beyond fair-trade", creative and Cooperative Partnership. And Albert will continue to support and promote any partner, business, school or charity prepared to facilitate this vision so please help us move forward!

Please now help us to get to grips with financing our Projects

Opening up West African Rivers across many countries with state of the art trading boats is one prime objective. The Rotary Foundation will put the first of these boats on the White Volta River this year as a pioneering medically equipped Ambulance Boat we are naming as "Wilberforce 1". This brings it right into the heart of the Festivals of Freedom we try to show in Hull’s Wilberforce Legacy and tries to gain momentum for the ending of slavery and its destructive influences right up to the present day!

The vision is a big one but not impossible and the practicality of bringing whole tribes and people groups together into an effective ethical trading partnership of mutual cooperation answers so many needs. Not the least of these is the harnessing of a generation of youngsters needing the motivation of being remembered and helped to sustainably live and transform their villages, environments and rural businesses thereby begun. To overcome poverty will destroy the vacuum into which those destructive forces who would exploit their vulnerability so often march into!

Here’s how you can help…

We need finance for purchasing and running the boats, for security and housing of produce, for training and organising small businesses, for constant follow ups and auditing so no finance is wasted. A Business in West Africa, UK or USA could sponsor and gain a huge PR and ongoing interest for their staff to be part of a developing success story. Please contact us.

Please donate anything you can online, by text, by cheque, by bequest, or creating a meeting we can present to, as all the early start up expenses must be delayed no longer. Any donation however small could make a difference in facilitating this practical method. AAF has created this huge network in West Africa and shown how things work entirely out of our own pockets for over 15 years. No-one has been salaried or paid lavish expenses. We intend working with this principle so every penny gets to do the job in hand.

Please organize events or projects in schools like collecting 1p and 2p coppers into our accounts "Look after the pence and the pounds will look after…?" Link your schools with our villages is a possible educational outcome.

Computers and flat screens, laptops and mobile phones are all required and can be sent to our local partner Jacob’s Well who will help us containerize and send via their existing medical interventions in remote Africa.

For a number of years we have pioneered so many embryo projects in many locations along just one main slave route in Ghana and Burkina. This is where we are now working at first with partners who link up the Lake, the Rivers, and the many unexplored villages still suffering so much privation and yet having the means of their future health and wealth all around them awaiting the impetus, information and means to carry out this clear programme.

We will inform and film and audit every step of the way and show on our social media sites. Take a look at our partners who we will use to carry out the programme at every stage of the way. Once done the model can be reproduced across every frontier and in every country thus redeeming so many of the negative effects engendered by the years of colonialism and slavery still threatening Africa’s future.

Project MapSlave Route to Ethical Trade Route in the Volta Trade Corridor

Visit our map page to see the main locations of the And Albert Foundation Project sites - Slave Route to Ethical Trade Route in the Volta Trade Corridor in Ghana abd Burkina Faso. The main Project ’Hubs’ are shown as well as the surrounding ’attendant’ villages. Follow one of the old slave trade routes down from Mali to Burkina Faso to Ghana and click on the highlighted places on the map to find out more about each of our project locations and what’s going on where.

Transform or Die…We’re all living on the edge of catastrophes.

Almost all are ACTS OF MAN which can be responsive to transformational changes we make now. It is a moral and logical IMPERATIVE we do this together in each area of past injustice.

In David’s vision of transforming the old slave-trade routes into ethical trade corridors his 22 years experience in one such route has partnered with Rob Bell’s TRANSFORMATIONAL LOGISTICS Programme. We make a new beginning in Ghana in March, 7 years after making this proclamation of Freedom and Justice in Fort William and Singa, both key places in this slave route. Here's the links. Support us please.

Transformational Logistics
Northern Gateway
The History Troupe
Hull 2017

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