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Imagine coming in from the cold to the warmth of an African sun and singing, playing and dancing the night away with tribes who have never heard Jazz or Blues or these Western musicians who have come back home…to be Welcomed as long lost sisters and brothers from the other side of the world!

The sun had gone down, it was a cool 40°C! No lights except our torches, but in the far distance, taking over an hour to reach our camp, were the drummers, dancers and pipe players of the Singa villages…They danced all the way to us to say thank you and respect for coming to visit their village! But isn’t this what we wanted to do for them! We had accomplished a little of the dream to respond to the origins of our music so rooted in the slave heritage of this village and so needing recognition to set free our own mental slavery.

It wasn’t easy for our intrepid Band of Musicians, even a difficult place for the most hardened traveller, but worth every effort…so watch this space and our webs and Youtube etc for pictures and films and music with Rocky Dawuni joining us on this historic occasion…Simply marvellous. Rocky sang with us that day "Download the Revolution" and the "Walls tumbling down" from his new album "Hymns for the Rebel Soul".

We hope this will be a revolution of sharing and communication for the people of Singa and thus the walls of indifference, mistrust and ignorance may have begun to tumble indeed.

The time for Africa is now.

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What is Music For Freedom

Music for Freedom was an immersive, sensory, cultural & musical explosion in Western Africa, the first of many that took place between 5th and 18th March 2010 - it started with a two day Festival in Accra, and traced part of the slave route over seven days to Singa in Northern Ghana from Fort William, Anomabo on Ghanas tropical coast. For further details see the video below.

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Download the Music For Freedom Leaflet Download our eight page full colour guide filled with everything you wanted to know about Music For Freedom.

Download the Music For Freedom Leaflet View the project map from the And Albert Foundation Site detailing the slave route and places and projects referred to in these texts.