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Gateway of Hope
A Journey to the Heart of Africa

The Door of No Return, Fort William, Anomabo - the final passing point for the victims of the slave trade transported to the Americas and Europe - On March 25th 2007, as a whole group of tribes both black and whiteGateway of Hope walked back through this gate of despair it became the GATEWAY OF HOPE leading to the practical development we hope for in each slave track village a thousand miles journey North as far as Mali.

"GATEWAY OF HOPE" is an hour long documentary that has been produced for And Albert Foundation to mark the events of March 2007, the Festival of Freedom and Life, the "storming" of the "Gateway of No Return" at Fort William, Anomabo and to showcase the projects taking place in villages following down one of the old slave-trade routes from Burkian Faso to Ghana. Have a look at the map to see the locations.

I first went to Africa 45 years ago and fell in love with its diverse heritage of magnificent wildlife and sustainable villages. An enormous landmass, full of resources and resourcefulness, overflowing with ever present unique opportunities. For the past 11 years I have been part of the “roots and shoots” of the And Albert Foundation, crafting a model of sustainable development based on ethical trade not fettered aid. To tell you the whole story would take many hours but now a synopsis is available on DVD that will enthral, entertain and educate as it brings you good news out of Africa. - Dr. David Bellamy OBE

In this film, centred on the work of David Murden, an Ethical Trader, over nearly 20 years, we introduce one West African Slave Route, with Professor David Bellamy discussing the Conservation and Trading Projects taking place there. These are slowly but surely changing the face of these "slave route" villages one at a time.

You will also witness the "Festival for Life" in two of the main villages, Anomabo and Singa, commemorating 200 years since the abolition of slavery. With their 120 tribal Chiefs, representative Musicians and Dancers from 10 different tribes, and over 3000 people dancing and singing together, it was an historic occasion not to be missed!

Thus former slave and slave master tribes came together for the first time for 200 years and walked back through the Slave Fort’s "Gate of no Return" to bring a new hope and a new life…

This film celebrates a future hope already begun…

See more about the festival here>

above right-top: Gateway of Hope - Journey to the Heart of Africa
above left: David Bellamy dancing on the sands with local school children outside Fort William, Anomabo, Ghana
above right-bottom: The Joy of Freedom - dancing at the Festival of freedom and Life

How do I get to see Gateway of Hope?

Click the image at the top of this page to view the film or contact us for further information and to order a school’s education pack.