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Logshegu Village School

Picture above: Painting Logshegu School. In March 2006, 17 volunteers associated with the And Albert Foundation, visited the villages along the old slave-trade route that we are working with. One of the stops was at Logshegu Village, where they stayed as memebers of the village for 3 days. One of the tasks undertaken there was the painting of the local school. To see the transformation in a day was amazing. A refrshed more colourful school really encouraged everybody in the village and gave the kids a brighter place in which to learn.

We have also supplied new equipment, school desks, stationery etc and when our container is sent out to Ghana next month, the first computers will be introduced into the school. To see some pics of the school painting, click here>

And Albert Foundation’s Projects for Life

The pot ladies of LogsheguAnd Albert Foundation's long term policy for 15 years has been the sustainable development of village life including the skills of the people and the use and conservation of their own particular environments.

In the case of West Africa the And Albert Foundation as an NGO has made many friends trained people and leaders in a group of villages along one of the old slave routes leading from the Sahara desert to the coast. In each of the locations And Albert has begun a continuous program of problem solving to benefit the whole community. These include the provision of clean water, the sales of their handicrafts and now a strategy of growing and planting indigenous species of trees, shrubs and plants to create a healthier environment as well as economic development.

Buying the first Mango TreesThe primary strategy is to plant fruit bearing trees in each locality to provide particularly free health giving fruit for the children as well as the economic benefit of sales of fruit in the future. This is done alongside the provision of water for irrigation and nurture for the young plants and seedlings as well as the establishing of more mature trees.

In each locality, trained local people will oversite and nurture our plantations on a regular basis. You can see on the map page a selection of the many villages that we are involved in, from the tropical west coast to the Sahara desert. In each location Professor David Bellamy has visited, filmed and given his own particular insights into our now maturing program.

As well as on the ongoing clean water projects and simple life saving medicines projects that we are undertaking in WestAfrica, And Albert Foundation is also involved in the following Projects:

Trading For Life. Fair-Trade Importing into the UK the best of African village arts and crafts. We have been importing these and selling them on the high street in the UK since 1993. This will be carried on by a group of retailers and a co-op pf retailers on our website selling "Trading Roots" products.

Forests For Life. Kyekyewere indigenous Forest project as a place to be preserved for the Asante shrines and also as seed bank for useful tree replanting in other village areas, such as natural medicines, building/craft woods, Bamboo, etc. A Scientific Field Centre. Guest/Study accommodation. Workshops. Fish Farm. Butterfly Farm. School and Trading Post are also planned.


Fruit tree plantation close to Logshegu villageFruit Trees For Life. Twleve main villages along one of the old slave-trade routes from Coast to Desert beginning fruit tree nurseries andplantations for free fruit for children and then for the economic development of the village areas. From last years initialtree nurseries, particularly for Mango trees, already many have been planted out in a plantation close to Logshegu village and are doing well, but require irrigation and careful monitoring.

Education For Life. Alternative education for grass roots Africa to ensure respect andunderstanding of its wealth of culture to both Africans and Europeans…Propagation of Culture For Life via our partnerships with Musicians and Dancers from many different tribal groups. 12 groups will be part of the Celebration For Life at the Festivals we hope to inaugurate at Anomabo and thence every year as a focus for the future of African Youth.

Part of the childrens adventure playground in Logshegu villagePlay For Life. Building playgrounds and child nurseries as centres of learning through play in places with few facilities or opportunities for such pioneering village participation. We have already built an imaginative adventure playground in Logshegu, next to the village school and we have the materials and site to start building the next in Singa later this year. This will provide opportunities for children of all ages to learn and develop through play, andhave lots of fun doing so!

Holidays For Life. Sensitive Eco-Tourism. "Holidays with a Conscience". Our villages as centres for long term relationships & investment strategies. Fishing For Life. Sea, River and Lake projects linked to fish farming. Alternative holidays, Corporate challenges, competitions etc.

All six form one integrative Project aiming at forming a "chain of opportunity and sustainability" for 30 villages along a slave-trade route to redeem some of the problems of long term and incipient poverty. If you would like to be involved in, or you feel you have the necessary skills to participate in any of the projects listed above, then please contact us.

Project Map

See the Map section for more details of all the other villages and locations we are involved with.