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Plough Share Partners
Wet season ploughing in Logshegu village, Ghana. No reliance on agro fuels yet! Plenty of compost!
Joint Venture Opportunities for compatible Charities, Businesses and Individual Investors

It has always been And Albert’s central theme to invest time and money in the grass roots poor.

In any nation, the idea of supporting their "small is beautiful" creative enterprises allows growth from the bottom up. Encouraging indigenous skills, the long heritage of craftspeople and agriculturalists, always creates sustainable development. And Albert Foundation has been able to demonstrate this in many places in the world throughout 20 years of experimenting with practical models.

Those folk in the United Kingdom, United States of America and Europe who are willing to invest in "Plough Shares" can be shown how direct action of small investments like these can change whole villages and environments for the better. Such is the confidence we have built up over the years, the first Ploughsharers have received a ten percent return without default since our scheme was started and some have even ploughed this back in to further their investments

A recent container of crafts from West Africa has been almost wholly paid for by the investment of three ploughsharers alone.

Do you or your organisation want to partner our NGO’s and their grass roots rural investment in this way? If so then please contact us here.

Below: A selection of goods that have been purchased by ploughshare investment

Goods bought by ploughsharers on sale at Baobab Jungle in Hertfordhsire